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CASR 's DND 101 pages describe the in-service weapon systems of  the Canadian Forces. This Small Arms sub-index page provides a quick visual guide to the machineguns of the CF. Other DND 101 Small Arms Sub-Indices include: Rifles, Sniper's Rifles, & Specialist.

DND 101  —  Canadian Forces Small Arms  –  Machineguns –  A Visual Guide

Canadian Forces  General Purpose Machine-Guns
[NB: The CF regards GPMGs as "Crew-Served Weapons" rather than "Small Arms"]

C6  7.62mm  GPMG
The FN C6 GPMGs provide supporting fire (on a bipod, or on a tripod for sustained firing).  On a flexible vehicle mounts, the butt-stock can be eliminated (see: coaxial )

CF designation:  Machine-Gun, GPMG, 7.62mm, C6,  Calibre:  7.62x51mm NATO (.308" Winchester),  Origins:  Fabrique Nationale,  Herstal, Belgium  (MAG-60-20 Infanterie).

C6 Pintle and Coaxial
The C6 is readily adapted to vehicle use. Pintle-mounted C6s  (top)  substitute spade- grips instead of butt-stocks. Coaxial C6s are a secondary turret armament in vehicles.

CF designation:  Machine-Gun, Pintle, 7.62mm, C6,  Calibre:  7.62x51mm NATO  (.308" Winchester),  Origins:  FN Herstal  (Mitrailleuse d'Appui General MAG-60-20 pintle).

CF designation:  Machine-Gun, Coaxial, 7.62mm, C6,  Calibre: 7.62x51mm NATO (.308" Winchester),  Origins: FN Herstal (Mitrailleuse d'Appui General MAG-60-40 coaxial ).
Canadian Forces  Light Machine-Guns
[In contrast with the larger GPMGs, the CF does regard 5.56mm LMGs as Small Arms]

C9A2  5.56mm  LMG
The  C9A2  Light Machine- gun is a  mid-life  update of C9 and C9A1 LMGs (below). Changes are a C8-type butt- stock, sight rail, long /short barrels & soft ammo pouch.

CF designation: Machine-Gun, Light, 5.56mm, C9A2,  Calibre: 5.56x45mm NATO (.223" Remington), Origins:  Mid-life C9 rebuild/upgrade by support contractor, Diemaco Inc.

C9  and  C9A1  LMG
The C9  LMG  was required to provide infantry sections with supporting  fire like the C6 but using C7 rifle rounds. This  simplifies  ammunition supply but  results  in a less powerful weapon. A C9 has iron sights, a  C9A1 optical.

CF designation:  Machine-Gun, Light, 5.56mm, C9,  Calibre:  5.56x45mm NATO  (.223" Remington),  Origins:  Fabrique Nationale AS,  Herstal,  Minimi  ( Mini-mitrailleuse ).

CF designation: Machine-Gun, Light, 5.56mm, C9A1, Calibre: 5.56x45mm NATO (.223" Remington),  Origins: FN Herstal, Minimi (with rail-mounted Elcan C79 or iron sights).
Canadian Forces  Heavy Machine-Guns
[NB: The CF regards the M2 as a "Crew-Served Weapon" rather than a "Small Arm"]

12.7mm  M2HB  QCB
The Browning '.50-cal' is the CF's  heavy machinegun.  It is used  on  ground  mounts, vehicles and onboard ships.

CF designation:  Machine-Gun, Heavy, Flexible, .50-calibre, M2HB, QCB,  Calibre: 12.7 x99mm (.50" BMG),  Origins: Fabrique Nationale AS  (under licence to Colt-Browning).

Canadian Forces  Automatic Cannon  [ M242 Bushmaster Vehicle Armament ]

25mm  "Chain  Gun"
More an auto cannon than a machinegun, the Chain Gun arms the LAV III  &  Coyote.

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